Therapeutic Peptides® patented oligopeptide technology platform provides enhanced metabolic bioactivity, better transdermal delivery, and at lower costs versus first generation linear cationic helical oligopeptides.


Therapeutic Peptides, Inc. ("TPI") is a premier and prolific developer of peptide and lipopeptide biosurfactants and other peptide-based bioactive molecules for personal healthcare product applications including anti-aging skincare and hair care as well as oral, eye and vaginal care. Its patented biosurfactant technology platform provides enhanced metabolic bioactivity and better transdermal delivery at lower costs compared to first generation lytic, helical, cationic oligopeptides.


In addition to its research and development programs, TPI also possesses in-house capabilities to purify and determine the efficacy and safety of and synthesize its compounds at costs that are competitive to any large scale production facility in the world.


TPI expertise includes assisting its clients integrate the peptide and lipopeptides into commercial formulations in the previously mentioned applications as it has done with its affiliate, Owen Biosciences, Inc. (“OBI”). Samples of such formulations can be obtained directly from Owen Biosciences, Inc.


TPI has a significant inventory of patented, proprietary, and non-proprietary peptides and peptide derivatives for immediate use in wound healing, eyelash/hair proliferation, acne and anti-inflammatory treatments, skin immune enhancement and product protection.

Certain, select TPI peptides and lipopeptides are available exclusively through Symrise, Inc.

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