Preservasyns®: Performance Enhancing Peptide Preservatives (PEPP’s)

These small lipo-oligopeptides and lipo-amino acids are designed to be used with other antimicrobials to provide an alternative to Parabens, formaldehyde producers, quats and chlorinated biocides in personal healthcare products. They can be formulated to enhance the performance of the product as well as act as a functional preservative.


These lipo-oligopeptides all share the common property of containing three lysine residues with at least two additional non-charged amino acid residues. These lipo-oligopeptides maybe acid or amide terminated. They possess the common properties of being stimulating to normal human cells yet can lyse bacteria at concentrations that do not inhibit mammalian cells activity. They have proven useful in eyelash, acne and anti-aging formulations. These biosurfactants are believed to function by allowing a reversible transient calcium infusion into mammalian cell types- yet producing an irreversible calcium influx in bacteria resulting in apoptosis. These lipo-oligopeptides are also active defensin-b upregulators.


These low toxicity tri-cationic lipo-oligopeptides share the common property of a terminal d-form amino acid residue, thus providing increased resistance to protease activity. These lipo-oligopeptides retain low toxicities with improved wound healing and anti-microbial properties.


These amphipathic lipo-oligopeptides contain terminal acids or contain D or E amino acid residues in addition to cationic lysine and arginine. These properties give unique solubility and chelating properties. As with the Trilysylines these lipo-oligopeptides up regulate the genes associated with enhanced metabolic activity. These are therefore excellent anti-aging ingredients.


Lipidated active polypeptide or growth factor fragments which have demonstrated the ability to enhance the effects of their parent polypeptide or stimulate overall metabolically positive results. Bioactive fragments of casein, fibronectin, IGF-1, IGF II and epidermal growth factor.


These oligo-lipopeptides are designed to work alone or in synergy with other bioacids to act as performance enhancing preservatives. They improve the biocidal properties of the preservative in a formulation and when applied improve the in vivo performance.

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