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Useful in Numerous Topical Bioactive Applications


Up-regulates positive metabolic genes stimulating inflammatory related genes in Mattek FT human skin equivalents, human fibroblast and keratinocyte cell cultures.


Certain TPI oligo-lipopeptides possess anti-microbial and anti-viral activity at concentrations which are not toxic to mammalian cells.

Hair & Lash Growth

Certain TPI oligo-lipopeptides possess the ability to stimulate dermal papilla cells and keratinocytes associated with hair production.

Pigmentation Control

Certain TPI oligo-lipopeptides possess the ability to inhibit hyperactive melanocytes in in vitro human melanocyte cultures.

Wound Healing

Certain TPI oligo-lipopeptides possess the ability to enhance wound healing from chemical, thermal or surgical procedures.

Synergistic With Other Bioactives
- Enhances Response


Direct stimulation of antioxidant related genes.

Growth Factors

Provides direct increased paracrine production of growth factors, such as Fibroblast Growth Factors.


Works in synergy with known growth factor precursors such as retinol, or with retinoic acid itself. Certain TPI lipo-oligopeptides mimic retinoids in their gene expression stimulation.

Vitamin C

Improves up-regulation of collagen genes such as COL1. Additional l-ascorbate allows maximization of actual collagen production.