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Performance Enhancing Lipo-Oligopeptides  

TPI generates PCR data to validate claims for our range of performance-enhancing lipo-oligopeptidesPCR analysis monitors gene activity on living human keratinocytes in vitro. TPI’s use of skin equivalents and extensive dermatological research provide a starting point for formulation developmentRecent discoveries indicate a major mode of action of lipo-oligopeptides is the activation of keratinocyte toll-like receptors (TLRs) which can in turn up regulate critical growth factor genes. This is also what certain molecular structures originating in probiotic cultures do. These lipo-oligopeptides allow use in formulations at very low parts per million levels and offer controlled bioactivity with minimal inflammation.

TPI library has over one thousand candidates of bioactive lipopeptides.    

Includes multi-lysinyl lipo-oligopeptides compounds; the multi-tailed lipid-oligopeptides; and multi-arginine/lysine-containing lipo-oligopeptides. 

The use of free-base lipo-oligopeptides with lipid solubility for numerous applications is now available. Bioactive digestible lipo-oligopeptide based liquid core nanoparticles (LNPs) or micro-lipospheres are TPI’s next major step forward in dermatological anti-aging. 

TPI was one of the first peptide companies and began manufacturing in 1992. We were the first to develop and patent eyelash growth peptides. 

Certain, select TPI peptides and lipopeptides are available exclusively through Symrise, Inc. 

TPI’s expertise includes assisting its clients to integrate the peptide and lipopeptides into commercial formulations through its affiliate, Owen Biosciences, Inc. (“OBI”). The formulations and delivery technologies for the cosmeceutical and personal healthcare industries utilizing TPI’s peptides are substantiated, and samples of such formulations can be obtained directly from OBI.