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Amphipathic lipo-oligopeptides contain terminal acids or contain D or E amino acid residues in addition to cationic lysine and arginine to provide unique solubility and chelating properties. As with the Trilysylines®, these lipo-oligopeptides up-regulate the genes associated with enhanced metabolic activity and are excellent anti-aging ingredients.

Anti-aging & Firming


This class of highly bioavailable oligopeptides mimics cell-adhesion proteins to provide the strength and elasticity necessary for healthy-looking and resilient skin. It reduces eye-area wrinkles and other fine lines by improving the firmness of the epidermis and the dermal layer beneath. By increasing capillary integrity, the eye area appears brighter and dark circles are diminished.

Benefits: Anti-wrinkle, Antiaging, Firming

SymPeptide® 222

P222 Myristoyl Pentapeptide-8

P222 Peptide Chart

P222 stimulates collagen and keratin gene expression when added to healthy human skin cells in vitro at 5 ppm.

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